The Sun and Your Skin

Welcome back my friends! I love love love the sun! Being from the east coast it is basically impossible to avoid the beach especially in the summer. There is nothing more relaxing to me is laying out in the peach and quiet and reading a book while working on a tan. As nice as that sounds to your mental health your skin is crying for help! However, just like anything in life you can enjoy it in moderation. Here are some helpful hints and information to enjoy the rays and take care of your skin.

Between the ages of 14-25 I baked myself in a tanning bed on the regular. UGH! I know! I was literally addicted to tanning beds and would tan year round. But now I am paying the price! I can see a difference in my skin from years of tanning and I am now fighting it. Now a days they have sooooo many amazing tanning products on the market so you can fake a tan.

Why is the sun bad? Answer: UV Rays and the damaging effects it has on your skin.

UVA Rays: these are the high intensity rays that last all day long. They damage new skin and go through the deepest layers of your skin. These are the rays that cause cancer and make your skin very sensitive.

UVB Rays: These guys are the middle of the road. They penetrate your skin causing wrinkles and lines. These are the rays that they tell you to look out for during am-pm.

UVC Rays: These are the lightest of rays. They are absorbed by the ozone layer and go into your outermost layer of skin. These are not too harmful in small amounts. 

Okay so that sounds a little scary but how do we protect ourselves. Obviously stay out of the sun and wear protective clothing but also….sunscreen! Here are some helpful sunscreen tips….


Apply and reapply often

Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure

Look for sunscreen with UVA and UVB Ray protection

Skin care is a very real and very scary thing. This UV ray stuff is no joke. Please protect yourself and always read your sunscreen bottle. Learn about the ingredients or what type of rays it protects against.


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Makeup Expiration

Happy Monday friends! Welcome back! Today I want to chat about something we all forget about…makeup expiration. I have personally used products WAY past their expiration date without even realizing it but here are some helpful hints to not let that happen!

Image result for makeup expiration

Look for this symbol on all your beauty products!!

First off here is how long you can use a product for after you open it…

Liquid & Cream Foundations: 2 years

Concealer: 2 years

Powder: 2 years

Mascara: 6 months

Lipstick: 12- 18 months

Lip & eye Pencils: 12- 18 months

Eye Shadow: 2 years

Powder Blush: 2 years

Cream Blush: 2 years

Moisturizer: 2 years

Eye cream: 6 months

Sunscreen: 2 years

Face cream: 2 years

Tip 1: When you open the product write the expiration date in sharpie on the product.

Tip 2: Start an excel spreadsheet with all your products and write in the date you open them and they expire.

Tip 3: Write it in your ical/google calendar. Lets say you open a product on Jan 1 and it expires on July 1. Create a calendar event that will remind you the day it expires.

Tip 4: Beauty Keeper App. Yes, there is an actual app for this guys! You enter the product into the app and it will remind you/tell you when it expires. There legit is an app for everything.

Tip 5: New year- new makeup. Once or twice a year set yourself up with a makeup date. Go through your entire makeup collection and either toss, clean or keep everything. Therefore anything expired you can get rid of, anything new you can reorganize or anything used you can clean and refresh.

Thanks for reading friends! Let me know what you do when it comes to makeup expiration!


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Pacifica- Wake Up Beautiful

Hi friends! Ugh this is the start of the worst time of year for my skin. Winters here in Boston reek havoc on your skin. My skin in the fall/winter takes a beating every year so I am always in search of something hydrating. I feel like my skin is always dull, dry, rough and bumpy.

So anyway, I was in the “fancy” section of Target AKA the all natural/organic beauty type aisle and I came across this…


This is an overnight super hydrating sleep mask. It is so easy to use! After washing your face you literally just slap it on and be done with it. All you have to do is wash your face in the morning before makeup and you’re ready to go.

Sometimes I feel like with a “super hydrating” mask your pores can get clogged and your skin can get greasy. Not this guy. It is 100% vegan and cruelty free and is formulated without parabens and petroleum. The scent is calming and subtle and natural smelling.

You can purchase this at Target and even Ulta for $15.


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CND Shellac- Field Fox

Hey guys! Happy Friday the 13th! I just wanted to share with y’all a great fall color I just found.

Image result for cnd shellac field fox

I am obsessed. It is the perfect dark fall nude that is sleek and had a pinky tone to it. There’s nothing I hate more than picking out a fall nude and having it look like the color of Spanx. UGH it’s the worst! But this is fantastic. Hope some of you guys like it!

I’m always looking for new nail colors! Please let me know what you like for the fall!


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Morphe- Jaclyn Hill Palette

Welcome back my friends!

Ughh I know I know I’m a little late to the party on reviewing this but hear me out! Don’t get me wrong I think first impression videos and blog posts are great but I really truly like to try a product multiple times before I give a full review and express my opinion. So I wanted to take this palette for a test drive before I reviewed it. So here we go!


I have been following Jaclyn Hill for years now and I have always been a big supporter of hers. But damn girl you’ve done it again! Literally everything this girl touches turns to gold.

Okay sooo, Jaclyn released this palette with Morphe a few months ago. This amazing collab has 35 drop dead gorgeous shades that were all designed and hand picked by Jaclyn. This is the perfect palette. It has your everyday browns, your smokey eye colors as well as some amazing pop colors. The blues are to die for, the simmers are pigmented and the mattes are creamy and smooth.

The biggest thing for me with eye shadow is they need to be pigmented and they need to blend out smooth and evenly. I’m not a big eyeliner person, not a big lip color person and not huge into blushes or sparkles. I am big into eye shadows. I need my eye shadow to be the focal point of my look. This palette is all of that rolled into one.

Lets talk about the colors!!


  • Here is what Jaclyn has to say about the shadows…


    Enlight: An out-of-this-world, universal shade for brow bone and inner shadow magic.

    Beam: Amp things up with this frosted version of Enlight, it’s great for deeper skin tones.

    Silk Crème: Your transitional, creamy-matte crease color with yellow undertones.

    M.F.E.O: Peach, matte and cool: made for each other (hence the name)

    Faint: Love this princess shade. No matter how fair skin you are, this fiercely frosty shade goes great all over the lid.

    Sissy: For the rose-gold queens out there, this super-girly shade was named after my sister.

    Little Lady: Confession: I call my sister ‘little lady’ and this is her second fave color. Perfect to rock at the office since it’s not too gold or out there. It’s the perfect shimmery wash of neutral.

    Creamsicle: OB-SESSED with this flattering yet daring color. Pop it into the crease to make the color of your eye’s pop.

    Butter: Super creamy with a warm, terracotta undertone makes this an amazing shade for your crease color.

    Pooter: For those of you not comfortable with super warm colors, this neutral chestnut shade, named after an inside family joke, is for you.

    Pukey: Yes, I named a color Pukey. My favorite matte color in the whole palette. SO creamy. SO pigmented. The ultimate warm brown.

    Hunts: Linda made this daring, boldly blendable shade happen. I love it because…it’s perfect. The creamiest shade in the palette. My fave shade of all-time.

    Firework: Dare I say this is the most shimmering shade? It’s great for all over the lid and for creating a warm, smoky eye. Partner it up with any of the matte orange shades.

    Queen: The perfect gold. I have nothing else to say.

    Obsessed: I was looking to create a shade for the perfect smoky eye. This took forever to get right, but it’s perfect and I’m totally, you guessed it, Obsessed.

    S.B.N.: One of my most-used, all-over-lid colors is this deep, pinky-bronze shade. It creates the perfect, smoky but natural look. S.B.N…N.B.D.

    Hillster: God, I love this color all over the lid or on lower lash line. I wanted a good range in this palette, and this is the deepest warm shimmer we have to offer.

    Roxanne: I named this after myself (my middle name is Roxanne). That may be narcissistic, but I don’t care. My subscribers know this is my favorite color in the world. I honestly use it every day on lower lash line or outer crease.

    Jacz: An actual burgundy with great color payoff. These high-pigmented mattes go through lots of rounds to make them this super creamy.

    Buns: This is Linda’s favorite crease color, but it took some time for it to grow on me. We removed it from the palette at least 5 times. I hated it at first, but now…obsessed. It’s a great everyday neutral shade for all skin tones.

    Cranapple: A true cranberry shade perfect for all over the lid.

    Royalty: I love it so much. The purplest of purples. A badass purple. No undertones. Just shimmery purple (I had to create one) that’s great to layer.

    Twerk: The reason this color is in the palette? I hate blue. I wanted to be able to wear an awesome shade of blue and this is it. Bold, fun and totally wearable with major wow factor.

    Hustle: For those of you not into warm shades, this is 100% cool with gunmetal, purple undertones.

    Meeks: The best bronze out there (and named after one of my best friends, because that girl loves her bronze). Not too metallic, and all ages can rock it whether you’re 14 or 40.

    24/7: Completely different formula than the rest of the palette: pressed glitter, baby. Apply with finger, or a very wet brush, for a sophisticated, fresh-from-the-runway look.

    Chip: I use this shade all the time to smoke out outer corner and lower lash line. Creamy, smooth and highly pigmented. Win, win, win.

    Mocha: SO chocolatey and super warm, perfect for deepening any eye look.

    Pool Party: My favorite pop of color ever! Beautiful turquoise with flecks of glitter may seem over the top, but it’s not. It’s super wearable (just like a swimsuit).

    Jada: Named after my niece since this is her fave color in the whole world. Very similar to Pool Party, but with a matte spin.

    Diva: Bye-bye Christmassy green shades. I so wanted green in this palette, but a neutral one to wear all over lids and layer with warm reds…and not make you think of Santa.

    Enchanted: This deep, matte green is Diva’s (and all the other green shades) partner in crime.

    Central Park: I wanted every woman and man to have the option of a cool, matte brown.

    Soda Pop: We were so excited to get this color perfect. So deep and so dark. You almost think it’s black, but it’s purple. And one of the most complementary shades for any eye color.

    Abyss: Matte and black as hell. One of the blackest blacks I’ve seen. So hard to make black rock, but we did it.


    Can we just have a moment…….wow like wow. Unbelievable.


You can purchase this beauty HERE! for $38



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Que Bella Professional- Moisturizing Gel Eye Masks

Welcome back my friends! Lets chat about my favorite eye masks!

I discovered these little guys a few years ago and damn have they changed my life. These are gel eye masks that you place under the eye for some extra moisture. Anytime I’m doing a face mask I use these under my eyes. Here’s how it works…

  1. Wash your face
  2. Pat Dry
  3. Peel off the plastic liner and apply to underneath your eye
  4. Leave on for 30 minutes

My favorite thing about these is the second you put them on, you feel a cooling sensation. Not only does it hydrate under your eye it also de-puffs your eye. If I have an event or had a rough night I always use these before applying my makeup. I tend to use them about twice a week or so but you can use them as much as you like.

They come 3 in a pack and can be found here at Target!


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Lush- The Sacred Truth

Hi friends! Welcome back to ashley beth beauty! Let’s talk about one of my favorite things about my beauty routine….face masks!

The Sacred Truth

Lush has amazing face masks, I use a bunch of them. One of my favorite to bring back some life into my skin is the sacred truth. This is a fresh face mask that needs to be refrigerated that you can find at any lush store. The fresh papaya and wheatgrass gives dull skin a nutritious boost. When my skin is try and just blah this is one of my go to’s. Slap this bad guy one for 15 minutes and see the transformation.

The one downside to Lush products in general is the smell. I’ve found many Lush products that I love but I can’t stand the smell. This fresh face mask smells great. From the fresh smell to tacky texture you can just tell this mask does great things for your skin.

You can purchase this little guy here!


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