Types of Flat Irons

Hi friends! Thanks for checking out my blog. Today I want to talk about something that most of you probably aren’t aware of, I know I wasn’t, the different types of straighteners. Did you know that flat irons are made with different materials that have different effects on your hair!? Neither did I until a few years ago. Read my easy guide below to choose the best one for you!


-great if your hair is frizzy

-makes your hair shiniest

-less static

-great for damaged hair


-uniform distribution of heat

-least damage on your hair

-great for beginners

-makes hair soft

-less friction


-heats up the fastest

-great for experts


-great for thick hair

-lightest in weight

-lasts many many years



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Why I Don’t Blog About Products I Hate

Welcome back friends! I just wanted to do a quick PSA about why I don’t talk about products I don’t like. I feel like makeup and hair is all about experimenting and self expression and trying new things is half the fun about beauty. With most products what works for Mary might not work for Jane. Obviously we are all made very different. Everything from dry skin to oily skin to think hair to thick hair. I just don’t every want to discourage anyone from ever trying anything just because a product doesn’t work for me. Even between my friends and I we all have products that they like and I hate.

Now I’m not trying to put anyone down who blogs about products they don’t like or anything. That is NOT my intention. I was YouTube videos all the time of bloggers who don’t like products. I have been doing makeup for many many years and I’m not afraid to try products. If a blogger says I have oily skin and this product made me a grease ball, maybe that’s something that would work for me because I have dry skin. Are ya picking up what I’m putting down? Haha it’s all good it’s all good! I am just here to inspire you all!!


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Bed Head- After Party Smoothing Cream

Hi friends! Welcome back! Ahh! It’s been so long since I’ve discussed a hair product and I’m excited to jump right back in.
My hair is thick, frizzy, stat-icky, and basically un-tameable. Since middle school I have been straightening my hair to get it sleek and shiny. Since high school I have been using this holy grail product…the after party smooth cream by Bed Head!
This product is a very light weight smoothing conditioner. It is used to tame frizzy, fly away hair. I use this everyday, whether I’m straightening or curling my hair. Not only does it get my frizz under control it makes my hair extra shiny. This is a MUST have if you live in a humid climate. Here’s how I use it…
Step One: dry hair
Step Two: Curl/straighten hair
Step Three: take a pea sized amount, rub it between my hands and gently run through my hair
Viola! That’s it! Perfection! I usually purchase this product at Ulta but I have seen it at Target and other drug stores. It is priced at $23 but honestly a very very little goes a VERY long way. So a tube of this guy lasts me at least a year or more.
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