5 Reasons to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Hi friends! Today I’m gonna talk about something we all hate doing…cleaning our makeup brushes. It’s time consuming, it’s repetative, it’s boring and just annoying task. However, it is vital to keep your face clean and makeup brushes in tip top shape. So if you need a little motivation as to why you should clean your makeup brushes, keep reading!

Brushes Last Longer

Using your makeup brushes over and over creates product buildup in the brush. Whether it’s a cream product or a powder it all causes your brushes to get clogged. If you don’t regularly wash your brushes it eventually causes your brushes to break down. Bristles will start to fall out and the metal part will become loose.

Prevents Acne

One of the major causes of acne is bacteria. When you don’t frequently wash your brushes bacteria builds up in the bristles. Bacteria is everywhere; no matter how clean you are you can’t help it it’s just everywhere in the world. Think of it this way, makeup is build up in your bristles, you take the brush and dip it into your blush then apply it to your face. You’re essentially taking bacteria and spreading it all along your face.

Better Application

The day after you wash your brushes don’t you just love the feeling of applying your makeup. Especially eyeshadow! It’s just feels smooth and different. Your makeup just applies better and always looks better. If better makeup doesn’t motivate you to wash your brushes, idk what will 😉

Prevents Germs and Infection

See above…prevents acne. But not only that, if you don’t keep your brushes clean you can develop skin infections. Especially if you share makeup brushes! Pink eye is VERY catchy if you don’t wash away those germs!

Saves You Money

Idk about you but I think of my makeup brushes as an investment. Whether it’s a $50 brush or a $5 brush I like to keep my things for a long time. In the long run if you properly care for your makeup brushes it will save you money! You will not have to keep replacing them!


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