Why I Don’t Blog About Products I Hate

Welcome back friends! I just wanted to do a quick PSA about why I don’t talk about products I don’t like. I feel like makeup and hair is all about experimenting and self expression and trying new things is half the fun about beauty. With most products what works for Mary might not work for Jane. Obviously we are all made very different. Everything from dry skin to oily skin to think hair to thick hair. I just don’t every want to discourage anyone from ever trying anything just because a product doesn’t work for me. Even between my friends and I we all have products that they like and I hate.

Now I’m not trying to put anyone down who blogs about products they don’t like or anything. That is NOT my intention. I was YouTube videos all the time of bloggers who don’t like products. I have been doing makeup for many many years and I’m not afraid to try products. If a blogger says I have oily skin and this product made me a grease ball, maybe that’s something that would work for me because I have dry skin. Are ya picking up what I’m putting down? Haha it’s all good it’s all good! I am just here to inspire you all!!


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