4 Reality Shows I Am LIVING For Right Now

Hey friends! Thought I’d switch it up today and do something a little different. We all know that I am a huge fan of reality TV. It’s my #1 guilty pleasure. So let’s just dive right in.

1. Vanderpump Rules

Honestly this might be my absolute favorite reality show of all time. The cast is amazing, the drama is relentless and every season is fantastic.


All I’m gonna say is Erika Jayne. Does it get much better than her. Honestly this season is pretty weak but the clothes, the houses, the handbags, the costumes, the hair, the makeup. It’s just like a big fantasy world that you can get lost in. RIP pink dog 😦



These ladies bring it EVERY season. Out of all the franchises this is the most consistent. There’s always drama and it’s not just cheesy drama it’s real life. Not to mention the luxury is always fun to watch.

giphy (1)
4. Southern Charm

Love these guys. The cast is hilarious, interesting and I am completely intrigued by the southern lifestyle. I cannot get enough of this. It’s very original and unlike a lot of Bravo reality shows.


So that’s my list for right now! I’d love to hear your reality show faves. Y’all know I’m always looking for more haha


ashley beth

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