3 Reasons Why I Love My Beauty Blender

Hey friends! The Beauty Blender is something that I cannot live without. I use it everyday and use it for several steps of doing my makeup and here’s why…

One: Smooth Finish

You will not find another beauty sponge or brush on the market that will give you a smooth, flawless finish like the beauty blender. It makes my skin looks porcelain soft and applies the perfect amount of foundation without looking cakey.

Two: Reuseable

I love the way the beauty blender washes out. After every use I wash my beauty blenders with the blender cleanser and it comes out perfectly clean. If you wash it properly all of the makeup comes right out and it’s like new again!

Three: Durable

The beauty blender, unlike many other sponges, lasts for months. I usually rotate my beauty blenders and I always wash them everyday so the average beauty blender I have for atleast 3 months.

I’m always open to trying new beauty sponges so let me know what you love!


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