Bed Head- After Party Smoothing Cream

Hi friends! Welcome back! Ahh! It’s been so long since I’ve discussed a hair product and I’m excited to jump right back in.
My hair is thick, frizzy, stat-icky, and basically un-tameable. Since middle school I have been straightening my hair to get it sleek and shiny. Since high school I have been using this holy grail product…the after party smooth cream by Bed Head!
This product is a very light weight smoothing conditioner. It is used to tame frizzy, fly away hair. I use this everyday, whether I’m straightening or curling my hair. Not only does it get my frizz under control it makes my hair extra shiny. This is a MUST have if you live in a humid climate. Here’s how I use it…
Step One: dry hair
Step Two: Curl/straighten hair
Step Three: take a pea sized amount, rub it between my hands and gently run through my hair
Viola! That’s it! Perfection! I usually purchase this product at Ulta but I have seen it at Target and other drug stores. It is priced at $23 but honestly a very very little goes a VERY long way. So a tube of this guy lasts me at least a year or more.
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