Posh Boss Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme

Welcome back friends! Thanks for checking out my blog! Today I wanted to talk about something new I’ve discovered. I have  quickly fallen in love with product and it’s something I cannot live without right now.
So as you can see this is a hand creme but it’s not just any hand cream, it is a moisture boosting hand cream that leaves your skin feeling AMAZING.  I have been living for this stuff this winter! Boston winters are rough and it’s crazy how drastically your skin can change from season to season. Another thing about this hand creme is it never leaves your skin feeling greasy. It absorbs right in! This product is a life saver!
One of my favorite things about this product is the smell. It smells so amazing and I constantly get asked about it’s scent. It is described as “creamy vanilla, sweet cassis and peony.” AKA heaven!
For those of you who aren’t familiar with this brand it is vegan and paraben free. the more research I do about the products I use the more I’m learning about how important ingredients are. The less harsh chemicals the better it is for your body and overall I feel like you can tell a difference right away.
You can purchase this product on the Perfectly Posh website…
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