Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

Welcome back to my blog friends! Today we’re gonna talk about something every makeup enthusiasts dreads…cleaning makeup brushes. Ugh! It’s literally the worst and takes so long. But I wanted to introduce a product to you that might make your life a little easier.



Cinema Secrets is a brand that makes beauty tools, makeup and this holy grail makeup brush cleaner. This cleaner isn’t like any cleaner, it is fast, efficient and a staple in a traveling makeup artists kit. Here’s how it works…

Step One: Put cleanser in a little dish


Step Two: Dip used makeup brush into the solution (just a little! do not saturate your brush!!)


Step Three: Use a paper towel or napkin and gently rub brush into towel until color comes out


Bam! You’re done! The solution literally dries instantly, right before your eyes! You don’t even have to rinse it! The reason I keep this in my makeup kit at all times is because I use it every time I freelance. When I’m on a freelance job I only have so much room in my kit and lets be real I am not bringing all my brushes with me. So if I’m using a brush for example on a client and then I want to use it on another client I obviously have to clean it. Do I have time for it to dry between clients? Of Course not! So that’s when this product comes in handy. I usually will finish a client, wash all my brushes in the cinema secrets and by the time my next client is in my chair I’m ready to go, brushes are cleaned, dried and disinfected.

You can find this amazing must have products at Sephora..


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