A Guide to Essential Oils

Hey friends! So I kind of wanted to start a mini segment about essential oils. Essentials oils have been something I have used for the past year for a variety of reasons. I feel like they really have made a difference in my life and I love exploring all the different kinds. I feel like when you first jump into essential oils it’s very overwhelming. There are so many different types, and mixtures and endless ways to use them it’s exhausting. So I thought I would do a little segment on them to make it easier for y’all. So keep reading and please share this with your friends if you’d like to learn more. Here we go…

An essential oil is obtained from a plant containing a fragrance. They have many healing, disinfecting, and spiritual properties. You can use them by ingesting them, inhaling them and even topically. However, you need to use extreme caution and do your research before you use them.

Do’s of Essential Oils

-Check your ingredients! If there’s an ingredient that sounds a little fishy, it probably is. Do your research on brands; find out where your oils are coming from.

-Dilute them! Especially if you are putting them on your skin. Mix an oil with vegetable oil, unscented lotions/creams or even dilute them in water.

-Store them properly! Make sure your oils are stored in a dark cool location. Most essential oils come in a tinted glass bottle to protect them from light.

-Talk to your doctor! If you have a medical condition or concern, talk to your doctor first. Even though these are natural and come from plants doesn’t mean that they can’t harm you. So ask your doctor, it doesn’t hurt!

-Take it slow! It’s fun to experiment with essential oils. I love trying new ones by either using them in my diffuser, in my bath or in my beauty products. Just try 1 drop at first! Remember you can always add more but you can’t take away.

-Wash your hands! After handling any essential oil make sure you wash your hands. Even if you just touch the bottle! It will be a complete nightmare if you touch an oil and accidentally touch your eye. OUCH!!

Don’t of Essential Oils

-Ingest them! Personally I have never ingested an essential oil. I know that you can (IF DONE PROPERLY) but I tend to stay away from that. If ingesting essential oils is something that you are interested talk to your doctor or talk to a medical specialist before you do.

-Make direct skin contact! When you first try essential oils be very cautious when using them on your skin. The best way to apply an essential oil to your skin is to dilute it. Take a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and mix with a drop or 2 of an essential oil then apply to your skin. Take an unscented lotion, throw a few drops in then apply it to your skin. I do apply oils directly to my skin but I know my skin can handle it. I have diluted them for months before I put it on my direct skin. Also, I use a very very small amount when I do

-Internal Use! Never put an oil on the inside if your mouth, ears or nose, on your genitalia, and never put it on or around your eyes. If you get an oil in or around your mucus membrane there can be serious consequences.

Okay so now that we have some basic info about essential oils I want you to check out this awesome chart of ways to use oils. This chart and other information can be found here…



Over the next few blog posts I will discuss specific oils, how to use them and their benefits. Until next time friends!


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