NYX Eye Shadow

Welcome back friends! Today lets chat about some amazing affordable eye shadows. Nyx!

So way back in the day when I first really started getting into makeup NYX were the first eye shadow pans I purchased to build my own palette. All these years later I’m still using them and let me tell you…they’ve only gotten better through the years!

For those of you who have never heard of NYX it is a professional affordable makeup brand. They make amazing products and tools. They are one of my favorite all around makeup brands.

The eye shadows pictured above are a palette that I use everyday that I created myself. In the NYX stand alone stores you can find the empty eye shadow pans with SO MAY shades to choose from. They have nude matte, prismatic, and hot singles to choose from. A total of 145 shades of shadow!!!!!! OH MY GOD!

I have a bunch of NYX shadow palettes but the one shown is a good everyday nude palette. I use at least one of those colors above.

If you don’t want to purchase the pan shadows ($4) they also come in a pot ($4.50).  So affordable!

You can find the shadows at Ulta, Target, a NYX store or website.



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