Essence: Pure Nude Highlighter

Good morning friends! Well at least to us on the east coast. Today we’re gonna chat about one of my favorite makeup categories. Highlighters! I love highlighters. They’re fun, flashy, glam and there’s really no rules for a highlight. Pop it on your cheekbones, the tip of your nose or even your collar bone.

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter is one every makeup lover should have in his/her kit and here’s why…

Pure nude is a very low key, everyday, versatile highlighter. It can be worn as a traditional highlighter or even as a face powder. It looks amazing on all skin tones and it’s very build able. This highlighter is a nude color but it has a little beam of light to kick it up.

My favorite thing about this highlighter is it is an everyday highlighter. My favorite way to apply this highlighter is to apply my foundation (regular makeup routine) and take a big fluffy brush, lightly dip it into the highlighter and lightly brush it over your entire face. You will look GLOWYYYYY! But just the right amount. Applying pure nude all over the face will give you that bright eyed and bushy tailed, good morning and subtly glow look. It just gives you that “had a good nights sleep” look. It just makes your skin look great. If I want to use it as a traditional highlighter I apply it it my normal highlight spots (cheek bones, tip of the nose, cupid’s bow) and just keep going! I just put a few layers on. Sometimes I will throw some Champagne pop or other full glam highlighter on top of it.

The best thing about this highlighter is the price! At around $4 it is so affordable and just a great versatile product to keep in your kit. Don’t let the price confuse you, the highlighter is soft and creamy. You can find this favorite at Target or Ulta.


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