Sephora: Instant Moisturizer & Cream

Hi friends! Welcome back to ashley beth beauty! A good moisturizer is something that everyone needs. Whether you wear makeup everyday, once a week or once a year, everyone needs a moisturizer for their face. I have searched and searched for a good moisturizer and this is one that’s in my top 3.

The Sephora brand moisturizer is so thick and hydrating. If I am in a rush to put my makeup on I reach for this. The second it hits your skin it is instant moisture. I never really use this for the evening but I use it multiple times a week in the morning.

I apply this right to my face using my fingers and just gently pat it into my skin. I wait about 5 or so minutes before applying any makeup. When I apply my foundation (even without a primer!) it goes on so evenly and so smooth. I also wear this when I don’t use any foundation at all.

I love the way this makes my skin feel. It has a very very light scent and a little goes a long way. This guy contains hyaluronic acid which renews and pumps your skin up with moisture. One of the best ways to fight fine lines and signs of aging is to keep you skin hydrated and products containing hyaluronic acid will do this for you.

You can find this amazing moisturizer at Sephora for $23. And if you ask me, a $23 moisturizer for Sephora is an amazing price. Especially when a little goes a long way.


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