How To Clean False Eyelashes

Welcome back to my blog friends! Thank you as always for stopping by. Today we are going to talk about something that is a real pain. Cleaning false eyelashes. Cleaning falsies is just one of those annoying time taking tasks. But I have come up with an easy foolproof way to clean them and keep them in the best shape they can be. If you are someone who wears falsies almost everyday like I do it can be quite expensive to wear a new pair everyday. But if you clean and store them properly you can wear the same pair over and over again.

Step One: Pick Off the Glue!


This is annoying but at the same time so satisfying. Start out by gently taking off the glue on the lash strip using tweezers. Once the glue is fully removed from the lash strip you’re good to go.

Step Two: Soak Them

And by soak…I mean very very minimally. Take a cotton round an thoroughly wet it with micellar water or your favorite eye makeup remover (AVOID OIL BASED MAKEUP REMOVERS!) If you use an oily makeup over. It will just turn into a hot mess. My favorite thing to use is either the Garnier micellar water or the bioderm. Place the last on the cotton round and put another cotton round, with the micellar water, on top. Gently press and repeat.

Step Three: Spot Clean


If you have any leftover mascara or residue, take a Q-Tip and dip it into the micellar water and very gently brush against the lashes. I always do this step because I wear my lashes hard. I always have mascara or glue or god knows what attached to the lashes so I always need that extra spot clean to get the final product build up off.

Step Four: Brush


You can skip this step it’s not totally necessary but when I clean my falsies I put them through the wringer. I take a spoolie and gently brush the lashes

Step Five: Dry


Now I take the lash and I put them back into their little case and let them dry. I usually have multiple pairs of false eyelashes so I rotate them but if you only have 1 pair they don’t take very long to dry. I usually let mine dry for at least 24 hours.


Before and After!!

Hope this was helpful everyone! I’m always looking for tips and tricks to make my lashes fresh and new. Comment below!


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10 Bougie Things I Do Weekly

Hi friends!  So I wanted to kind of switch it up and change directions a little bit and do a lifestyle post. I came up with the idea of putting a list together of things I do for myself that are a little extra. No, nothing like buy a Range Rover, take a 10 trip to Europe or buy a new Chanel. I’m talking like 10 little things I do every week to make myself feel good. Nothing is more important than your mental health. I truly believe if you are in a good place mentally then you’re overall in a great place. So check out 10 little extra things I do for myself weekly.

1. Infused Water
Almost every time I drink water I have some time of herb or fruit in it. I drink water all day long so why not take it to that extra level. The 2 things I do the most is straight up lemon water and lime & mint leaf water. Just squeeze the lemon and drop it in the water, done! Just throw a few leaves into the bottom of a glass, muddle them a little, squeeze lime and drop lime in, done! It’s delicious and refreshing!

2. Bubble Bath
Atleast once a week I take a bubble bath. Yes it’s like I’m 5 years old again playing with my barbies in the tub! Haha ….not exactly. I draw a bath and add some bubble bath or a bath bomb to the bath, light a candle, pour myself something refreshing to drink, put a face mask on, shut the lights off and relax and read a book. My only rule for this is no phone. I usually leave my phone outside the room. This is so relaxing and great for your mental health!

3. Pillow Spray
I know I’ve talked about this pillow spray on my blog before but I’m telling you everyone needs this in your life! Bath and Body Works makes a scented spray that before you go to sleep you spray it on your pillow. It not only smells amazing it calms and relaxes you. The spray contains lavender which automatically makes you sleepy. I love love love this and can not recommend it enough.

4. Make a Purchase
Atleast once a week I buy myself something nice or fun. No I’m not talking a Louis Vuitton or Jimmy Choos, I’m just talking about something small that isn’t a necessity. Of course weekly I buy myself food, shampoo, deodorant all the necessities but I like to treat myself to something I can get excited about. It can even cost as little as $5. Whether it be a new shirt, a new nail polish, a book or even a fun $2 face mask from target. It’s just something to get excited about.

5. Yoga
I have been practicing Yoga for a few years now and I cannot live without it. I do yoga just about everyday whether it be by taking a class or a quick 20 minute session by myself. It’s one time in the day where I can put everything on hold, take me time, and relax, meditate and focus. It is great for mental and physical health. Whenever I finish Yoga my body and mind feel at peace.

6. Full Face of Glam
Yes I know I’m technically a beauty blogger, it is my job to put on makeup. I wear makeup everyday. Whether it’s a banging Smokey eye, a no makeup, makeup look or something in between I usually have some makeup on. But atleast once a week I try and go full out. When you have a glam over the top makeup look on you just feel unstoppable. I’m talking atleast 4 eyeshadow shades, contour, highlight, lipstick, fake eyelashes the whole 9 yards. You just feel so fierce and I love that feeling.

7. A Fancy Meal
Whether I go out to a nice restaurant or cook the meal myself I always like to treat myself to at least one fancy meal. Of course I have my favorite nice restaurants and they are always my go to when I go out to dinner once a week. I’ll order something extra nice and get a glass of wine or a cocktail. The other option I do is prepare the food myself. I love to cook and try new foods. I’ll research a special recipe or dish and just create it at home. Whether it be baked lobster, a nice steak or sautéed scallops I will make myself (and whomever is joining me) a special meal.

8. Binge Watch
No I’m not talking a solid 10 hours of Game of Thrones (although there are days where I’ve done that) I’m talking at least once a week I get comfy and watch at least 2 hours of a show I love. Here’s the set up….I get my fluffiest blankets and pillows, I throw a cashmere sweater on, my Ugg slippers, pour myself a cup of tea or fancy wine and get cozy. Whether I’m watching housewives, The Office or Will and Grace it’s just nice to be surrounded by nice things and be totally sucked into a favorite show.

9. Candles, Candles, Candles
1 (1)
Candles are one of my favorite things and I spare no expense! As you know the Bath and Body Works candles are my all time favorites but the only downside is if you burn candles like I do you go through them real quick! I usually go through 1 candle a week. I know an expensive addiction. Anytime I am in a room I have to have a candle burning. I wake up-light the candle, put my makeup on-light the candle, watch tv- light the candle, take a shower-light the candle. I literally always have 1 lit. I’m a huge scent person so I always want to be surrounded by delicious scents.

10. Fresh Flowers
One of my favorite things to bring life to a room, besides candles, is fresh flowers. I love going every week to pick out new flowers. My favorites are hydrangeas, sunflowers and peonies. Sometimes I make an arrangement sometimes I just throw one type of flower in a vase. Whatever it is I always have fresh flowers around.

So that concludes my 10 little bougie things I do for myself on a weekly basis. They’re small but they’re fun and a lift my spirits. I would love to hear what yours are!! Comment below!

Ashley Beth

Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

Welcome back to my blog friends! Today we’re gonna talk about something every makeup enthusiasts dreads…cleaning makeup brushes. Ugh! It’s literally the worst and takes so long. But I wanted to introduce a product to you that might make your life a little easier.



Cinema Secrets is a brand that makes beauty tools, makeup and this holy grail makeup brush cleaner. This cleaner isn’t like any cleaner, it is fast, efficient and a staple in a traveling makeup artists kit. Here’s how it works…

Step One: Put cleanser in a little dish


Step Two: Dip used makeup brush into the solution (just a little! do not saturate your brush!!)


Step Three: Use a paper towel or napkin and gently rub brush into towel until color comes out


Bam! You’re done! The solution literally dries instantly, right before your eyes! You don’t even have to rinse it! The reason I keep this in my makeup kit at all times is because I use it every time I freelance. When I’m on a freelance job I only have so much room in my kit and lets be real I am not bringing all my brushes with me. So if I’m using a brush for example on a client and then I want to use it on another client I obviously have to clean it. Do I have time for it to dry between clients? Of Course not! So that’s when this product comes in handy. I usually will finish a client, wash all my brushes in the cinema secrets and by the time my next client is in my chair I’m ready to go, brushes are cleaned, dried and disinfected.

You can find this amazing must have products at Sephora..


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