Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Hi friends! Today I want to talk about a staple in my skin care collection. This is a product that I use year round but I kick it up a notch especially in the winter months.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is an oil made of primrose and lavender oil that restores your skin overnight. All you do is cleanse your face, take 2-3 drops of this oil, press it into your skin and you’re done! Depending on how my skin is feeling sometimes I put moisturizer over top. This oil is made for overnight wear so it can really sink into your skin and go to work. My favorite part about this product is waking up in the morning and not only feeling a difference in my skin but seeing one too.

Anytime my skin feels dry, dull or dehydrated this concentrate will always do the trick. Don’t be fooled this oil is made for all skin types. My personal recommendation is if you have oily skin just use 1 drop or so. I have combination skin so when I apply this to my face I really focus on my cheeks and forehead and go very lightly around my T-Zone.

This product also fights the sign of aging. One of the best ways to take care of your skin and to fight wrinkles is by keeping the skin hydrated. This product really brings elasticity to your skin. Anti-aging and hydration! Love it!

You can purchase this product at Sephora


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Glow Recipe- Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

Good morning friends! I hope you’re having an amazing day so far. Today I’m going to talk about my new found love. The Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask! This is slowly becoming one of my holy grail products. I have owned this product for a while now but I just got around to trying it within the last month or so. Here is what it does…

 There are 2 different ways to wear this mask…
1) Wash off Mask: Apply the mask to your face, wait 10 minutes and wash off
2) Overnight Mask: Apply the mask to your face, sleep in it and wash off in the morning
I highly recommend wearing this mask overnight. It will literally change your skin before your eyes. However, if you have sensitive skin, before wearing it overnight, try the wash off mask application.
Here’s what’s so amazing about this mask…
-It’s $45, an amazing price point when comparing what this mask does to similar products
-It smelly delicious- watermelon
– A little goes a loooonnnngggg way, all you need is a pea size amount
– I wake up and literally cannot stop touching my face, SO SOFT!
-radiance- in the morning my skin is GLOWING
I want all of you guys to try this product. I really think this will be a permanent staple in my skincare routine. I usually start my even skincare routine by washing my face, applying my serums and then applying this over top. It’s so hydrating and soft!

Surprise Birthday Party!

Hey friends! I hope we’re all having an amazing 2018 so far. I have had such a crazy busy past few weeks and I’m gonna show you why! I planned a surprise birthday party for my mom.
Event planning is something I have been doing for a very long time. It is one of my passions and it is something I do on the side. I have spent months planning this party and thought I’d share a few pictures with you guys! Check it out…

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