Blog Goals for 2018

Hi friends! Welcome back!

Today I wanted to talk about my blog resolutions for 2018. This year I really want to bring my blog to the next level for y’all!

  1. Content

I really want to focus on my content for next year. What I’m bringing to you, why I’m bringing it to you and how I’m bringing it to you. I want to give you guys interesting content and things that will inspire you.

2. Engagement

I started a blog to open up a conversation between beauty beginners and beauty experts. I really want my subscribers to learn something from me and I want to learn something from my subscribers. I want to talk to you guys more.

3. YouTube

I want to start making videos for the blog. Everything from how to clean your makeup brushes tutorials to hair tips and tricks. I think adding more from my youtube channel will really bring another element to the blog and an other way to open up communication with you guys.

I’d love to hear your blog resolutions or even your life resolutions! Email me or comment below!


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