Prepping the Face for Christmas Day Glam

Welcome back friends! How are we all doing today?! So I wanted to talk about something that a lot of us will be doing tonight in preparation for Christmas tomorrow. Whether you are planning a full out glam look for tomorrow or a subtle glow I really think these products and tips will help you guys out.

Most of us will be seeing family and friends tomorrow for some sort of holiday celebration and I know in my family we all get a little dressed up and do our hair and makeup. Following these few steps will make applying your makeup much easier tomorrow.

Growing up my sister and I would always wake up at the crack of dawn and go downstairs to open gifts with my family. My mom, being a total picture fanatic would insist on taking photos of us opening gifts. Early morning + photos +no makeup…..dark circles around the eyes, tired skin, blemishes…ugh what a hot mess. Check out my tips and tricks below to help combat that zombie look!

Step One: Exfoliate!!

The night before Christmas….when all through the house…haha just kidding, after you are done cleansing give your face a nice gentle scrub. Take all that makeup off, grab yourself a facial exfoliator, dispense some on your fingertips and go to town! Be careful! Gentle circular motion with your fingertips do the trick. After all, you’re not trying to take off layers of your skin just the dead skin cells on the surface. If you are looking for a good facial exfoliator check out my absolute fave. Yes it is $26, but you only have to use a pea size amount so this tube will last you months and months!

Image result for mario badescu exfoliating scrub


Step Two: Face Mask!

There’s something so nostalgic about wearing a face mask. I always feel like I’m in a 90’s rom com haha. Masking is something I do about 5 nights a week. I have so many different masks depending on what my skin needs. I have masks for when my skin needs some moisture or some clarifying or even brightening. After I exfoliate my skin I always go for a gentle mask. Something that really calms the skin and brings some moisture to my face. As much as I love sheet masks, I prefer a clay/thick mask for this. After your skin is exfoliated your pores are open and your skin can be a tad irritated…in a good way! So the best thing to do is treat it with some TLC. Here is what I use…

Image result for fresh rose face mask


Step Three: Tone!

After washing the face mask off your next step is to tone. You guys! I cannot preach enough about how toning your skin is so important. For years and years and years I NEVER toned my skin. I thought you’re basically paying for water in a spray bottle and spraying it on your face. I never saw results and I never felt a difference in my skin. It wasn’t until I was getting a facial when my girl, Margarita, said to me…you don’t use a toner don’t you? I told her no I think it’s pointless and a big hoax. Giiirrrrlllll did Margarita read me my rights! She told me to get myself a good toner and use it everyday  for a month before bed on my naked skin, slap a moisturizer on top and I will see the results. Long story short she was right. My skin was more moisturized, radiant and balanced. It may take you a while to find a toner that is right for you but here is my favorite…

Image result for tea tree toner lush


The above sentence says it all. The number one reason your skin is looking dull, tired, dry, dirty and your fine lines are showing is because you do not moisturize enough. Your skin is made up of mostly water and it is the largest organ in your body. FEED IT WHAT IT NEEDS! My favorite moisturizer is night a mins. If I have a big day the next day or I know I am wearing a lot of makeup or just want my skin to look banging without a doubt I grab this every time. I put this on my face before bed and I wake up and my skin feels so smooth and soft. To my oily friends!…believe it or not you have to moisturize too. Talk to a professional they can absolutely steer you in the right direction. It’s not about how much/often you moisturize it’s more about what product you use to balance out your skin. Anyway, back to my fave…here you go!

Image result for origins night a mins


Okay guys! Now you are ready for your big day. I promise you will wake up with soft, rejuvenated, healthy looking skin. I know when my skin is feeling great my makeup applies and wears so much better. Love to hear what your favorite products are!


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