Bellami Hair Extension

Welcome back friends! Today we are going to dive into something that some of you may be a little cautious about. Hair extensions! Not just any type of hair extensions…clip in, do it yourself, at home hair extensions!

Now this might sound a little scary to some of you. I know putting in your own extensions and making them look good can be terrifying but I have found the best hair extensions on the market!

Bellami is an AMAZING company! These hair extensions are made of real human hair and stand the test of time. I have owned the same set of extensions for over a year and they are still going strong. I wash, dry and style my extensions weekly and they are still in great shape.

Image result for bellami bellissima hair extensions

My favorite style is Bellissima 220g 22″. Here is what is so awesome about these….

  • Comes with 10 wefts of hair
  • real human hair
  • you can heat style them
  • you can wash them
  • you can dye them
  • they come in 15 colors

I will do a tutorial for you guys on how to put them in and style them. I’d love to hear your experience with these or any other brands. Let me know!!


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3 thoughts on “Bellami Hair Extension

    1. I was so scared at first to try clip in extensions! But I swear to you, they will look awesome! Every time I wear them I always get compliments on my hair. When I tell people they’re extensions, they’re completely shocked! Bring them to your salon and have them cut they so they blend naturally with your real hair.

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