Last Minute Gifts for Anyone On Your List!

Welcome back friends! Today I want to talk about a hot topic especially this time of month…last minute Christmas gifts!! I feel like every year I’m either one extreme or another. I’m either done with my Christmas shopping by the first weekend in December or I’m shopping on Christmas eve. This year I’ve really felt behind. Nothing ruins the holidays like stressing out about gifts. Ughhh what am I going to get him/her!? Ughh it’s too late to order online! Ughh it’s too late tog et anything personal for this person! Have no fear I have come up with a list of last minute gifts for you guys! These gifts are for all the men/women in your life. Gifts that I feel everyone in your life can enjoy.

I always feel the best gifts are special gifts that really spoil the person….no I’m not talking about $$$. I’m not saying expensive gifts or anything that will break the bank. I’m talking about gifts that you would never buy for yourself but you would love to have. A real fun luxury item…and yes believe it or not it can cost less than $5! I really wanted to find some easy last minute no-brainer gifts that everyone can enjoy. So here we go lets jump in!

 1. Candles!

Everyone loves candles. They create light, a great ambiance to any room and a delicious scent. If your person does not like to burn candles in their home buy them those little scented sticks that come with the oil. Works just a great! Candles are also great for men. Many men in my life wouldn’t really purchase candles on their own but they love having them around. Check out my favorite candles below. Bath and Body Works has a scent for literally everyone!

  Tis The Season 3-Wick Candle - Bath And Body Works

 2. Back Massager

Okay who does not enjoy a good massage? And the best part is, you can get one in the comfort of your own home. This little guy you can use on your upper back, mid back, lower back and even your neck. It is so easy to use and it even heats up! This is a great gift for the men and women in your life. The best part is….amazon prime baby!

 NURSAL 3D Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat, Hand Vibration Therapy, Adjustable Intensity and Deep-Kneading for Back, Legs and Feet Pain

 3. Portable Speakers

Everyone needs speakers…especially portable speakers. This little guy is great because you can literally take him anywhere. These speakers are great for taking them to the beach, the gym, to work, a party….literally anywhere. The speakers below are an amazing price for the quality of sound they produce. And the best part is they come in a bunch of colors!

 Sony - XB10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Gray - Front_Zoom

 4. Moleskine Notebook

I know nowadays everything is practically paperless and nearly everything can be done on our phones, but isn’t it nice just to have a notebook every once in a while. I love these little guys. This note book is mini and is perfect to slip in your backpocket, purse, console of your car or even your desk drawer. Perfect for shopping lists, reminder notes or even jotting down thoughts and ideas. At less than $5 for 2 notebooks this is a perfect stocking stuffer, yankee swap gift or even small gift for someone. If you’ve never owned a Moleskine notebook, it is lifechanging! They are soft and high quality and come in a bunch of colors and sizes.

 Image result for notebook moleskine 4.5

5. Electric Blanket

What’s better than a plush, fluffy, fuzzy cozy blanket? A HEATED, plush, fluffy, fuzzy, cozy blanket..duhh! Living in Boston the worst feeling of winter is coming in from the cold and not being able to get warm. I have been using a heated blanket for years. I use this blanket to sleep with or just to watch TV with. The best part is it has an automatic shutoff and a temperature gage. Love this guy!

 Image result for Velour with Sherpa Electric Throw - Biddeford Blankets

So I hope I saved some of you guys for some last minute gift ideas. I truly feel you can give these gifts to a man or a woman and anyone in your life. I’d love to hear your gift ideas, I’m always looking for new ones!


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