Blog Goals for 2018

Hi friends! Welcome back!

Today I wanted to talk about my blog resolutions for 2018. This year I really want to bring my blog to the next level for y’all!

  1. Content

I really want to focus on my content for next year. What I’m bringing to you, why I’m bringing it to you and how I’m bringing it to you. I want to give you guys interesting content and things that will inspire you.

2. Engagement

I started a blog to open up a conversation between beauty beginners and beauty experts. I really want my subscribers to learn something from me and I want to learn something from my subscribers. I want to talk to you guys more.

3. YouTube

I want to start making videos for the blog. Everything from how to clean your makeup brushes tutorials to hair tips and tricks. I think adding more from my youtube channel will really bring another element to the blog and an other way to open up communication with you guys.

I’d love to hear your blog resolutions or even your life resolutions! Email me or comment below!


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Let’s Connect!

Hi friends, Hope we’re all having an amazing week. Today I wanted to talk about social media with you guys. I have never talked to you guys about my social media platforms. I wanted to open up an opportunity to connect with you guys. One of the reasons I started my blog was to open up a way to communicate about all things beauty. I love hearing your suggestions, reading your emails and especially trying new beauty products y’all show me.

Please follow me on my social media platforms. I’d love the opportunity to connect with you guys and even learn more about you! Check them out…





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Hi friends! Thanks for checking out my blog! Today I wanted to just give you guys a little heads up and keep you in the know. So as you know I have gone on little break for a few weeks in Nov/Dec but I wanted to let you know why. Yes, yes I was on vacation and I was really sick. But I have been working on my blog recently. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere, I’m not changing content or anything too dramatically. I am keeping the same idea and concept I am just getting a little facelift! I have been working on changing the face of my website. I want to be able to bring better content and make my website more interacting with you guys.

The reason I started blogging in the first place is I wanted to create a safe place for all beauty lovers to have a conversation, pick up some tips and try new things. I wanted to create a blog that women from the beauty newbie to the beauty obsessed can both get something out of it. So many blogs and youtubes out there have these complex tutorial and $100 beauty products and make girls feel inferior or that the beauty world is unreachable. I wanted to create something that a girl whose never owned a makeup brush can be like hey I can do this, this beauty world seems kind of cool. All in all, I want to make everyone feel beautiful like I do when I play with makeup.

So just wanted to check in and give y’all a heads up that my website will look different but not to worry it will be the same stuff but better! So on January 1st you will get to see the all new Ashley Beth Beauty!

Once my new blog is up and running, if you’d like to continue reading my posts I need y’all to please subscribe. On the bottom of my new site you will see this…


Enter your email address and click subscribe now. That’s it! That’s all you have to do to continue following my blog.

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