Face Moisturizers!

Hi friends! Today I’m going to talk about face moisturizers and why they are so important for your skin. Have you ever just found yourself in Sephora or a drug store just staring at all the face moisturizers and thinking ughhh. Sensitive formula, formulated without AHA, collagen, vitamin c, scent free, vegan!….ughh all these buzz words and choices. If you’re anything like me you’ve caught yourself staring in awe and thinking to yourself help! SOS! What do I choose!? Fear no more friends, here is a little guide to help y’all out!

One thing I can say for sure is if you go to any makeup artist or skin care specialist the one thing they have in common is their love for keeping your skin hydrated. There’s thousands of moisturizers on the market, thousands of hydrating masks and the ever so popular hydra-facial! They must be on to something. Keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated is literally the fountain of youth! The healthier and more hydrated you keep your skin the healthier it is going to look. Moisturizers also protect the skin from pollution and other outdoor elements.

Dry Skin: You guys need a heavy, oil based moisturizer. You need this because when you have dry skin your body isn’t producing much oil that your face needs. When using an oil based moisturizer it helps your skin absorb and lock in the moisture. Make sure you look for an ingredient called propylene glycol which helps keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. 

Normal Skin: You need a middle of the road moisturizer. Not too much oil and not too much water in the moisturizer. Look for acetyl alcohol in the ingredients list which will keep your skin balanced.

Oily/Combination Skin: Do not be fooled! My friends with oily skin need to moisturize too! You guys are going to combine categories for this because you basically need the same thing. Look for oil free products which contain little no no oils or animal fat. My oily friends look for a moisturizer that is labeled non-comedogenic which prevents the clogging of pores. My combination friends moisturize your skin on your cheeks and forehead, use a light moisturizer or oil free one throughout your T-Zone or where your specifically get oily. 

Sensitive Skin: Organic, vegan, fragrance free, dyes free! Look for the most natural moisturizer you can find. Lush has great options. Make sure the moisturizer is lightweight and read the ingredients! Chances are if you cannot pronounce more than 5 ingredients your skin will not like it!

I am always looking for a great moisturizer. I change it up all the time. Comment below! I’d love to hear what you use.



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