Face Toners!

Hi everyone! I hope we’re all enjoying my segment on learning about your skin! Today I am going to talk about facial toners. I will go over different types of toners as well as what they are and why you need them.

I feel like the toners are thrown all over the makeup as well ask skin care industry. It’s one of those words that you hear all the time and most skin gurus swear by them. When I was a teen I saw my mom use a facial toner so I thought hey I should use one too. So I used her facial toner and OH MY GOD did that guy burn my skin. From that day on I stop using toners until my mid twenties. What I didn’t realize was first I was using the wrong type of toner for my skin and second since I was my teen years and my skin was very sensitive due to acne I shouldn’t have used a toner the way I did in the first place. So lets all learn from my mistake and here we go!

Toners are used for cleansing and refreshing the skin and restore your skins natural pH balance. Toners are a godsend for people with oil skin or people who wear a lot of makeup daily (me!). It removes any remaining dead skin or excess oils from your skin essentially restoring texture. For lack of a better word toners “disinfect” (use that term loosely) your skin after oils and dirt build up on your skin. Certain toners can also shrink and minimize the size of your pores. How it works is like this…toners contain alcohol which slightly irritates the skin which causing skin to swell just a little which makes large pores disappear. The best way to apply toners is either by spraying the face or putting the toner on a cotton pad and wiping the face.

Skin Fresheners: The mildest type of toners. They contain mostly water or rose water and contain less than 10% of alcohol. They prevent your skin from loosing moisture and they are great for sensitive, dry and normal skin.

Skin Tonics: These toners are middle of the pack. They contain water and up to 20% of alcohol. These are great for normal, combination and even oily skin. 

Astringents: This is the strongest type of toners. They contain water, humectants and up to 60% alcohol. They are good for drying and getting rid of excess oils. The most common astringent is Witch hazel. These work best for people with oily skin. 

This concludes my post for today! I hope this helps you guys out and I hope none of you make the same mistake I did. Toners are an important part of skin care and they can really bring back the life in your skin. They are also very helpful to people with oily skin because they really do combat the excess oil. Please, please, please tell me what your favorite toner is. I’d love to hear!


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