Face Cleansers!

Welcome back friends! Thanks for checking out my blog! So if you’ve been following along I’ve been blogging all week about skin care. Let’s face it, the care and keeping of your skin is so important. If you’re in love with makeup just as much as I am you know how important it is to take care of your skin. If you don’t have a good canvas you won’t have a good final product!

So today we’re gonna focus on face cleansers and the different types. So here we go!

Soap: Best for oily skin! Soap will deeply clean the skin and leave it feeling refreshed and thoroughly clean. Whatever you do, do not use hand or body soap. This is too harsh for your skin and will often irritate and strip your face of natural oils. Look for cold cream soapes or glycerine soaps. The glycerine and cold cream moisturizes the skin and makes it feel soft/

Gel: These are best for oily or combination skin. These guys are used to break up oils and fight blemish causing bacteria. You can find them usually in foam form. 

Cream: These cleansers are very lightweight and will make your skin feel very clean and light. Cream cleansers are great for normal or dry skin types. They are formulated with oils and emollients to bring back the moisture and life into your skin!

Oil: These cleansers are great for very very dry skin. They are formulated to bring back moisture and oil to the skin. These will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Balm: These are great for all skin types except for oily. Balm cleansers condition and moisturize the skin. They fight skin “dullness”, all while giving you a deep clean. 

Exfoliating: These cleansers are for all skin types, however, proceed with caution. They can contain alpha hydroxy acids which can make your skin very sensitive to the sun. These cleansers are made to exfoliate your skin and loosen dead skin cells. It is best to use these types of cleaners only a few times a week.

Yayyyyy skin care! Personally I switch it up a lot between all of these types of cleansers. I usually use soap, gel or cream cleansers with a combination of an exfoliating cleanser. I typically exfoliate my face just about every other day. I have been exfoliating with the same product and this often for years. My skin is use to it. I am obsessed with the Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub which you can find HERE!

Lets chat! Comment below or email me. I would love to hear about your favorite face cleansers or exfoliants!


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