Skin Types!

Hey friends, welcome back! Today I’m gonna talk about different skin types and how to figure out what type you have. For years I have struggled with my skin care. I was never sure what type of moisturizer or what type of toner to choose. Once I started seeing an aesthetician and she told me what type of skin I have my beauty life got 100% easier.

Dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin….all the buzz words you hear and see walking down the skin care aisle. If you are like me you were looking at all the products thinking well I have dry skin? No I think I have oily skin? No, no I must have combination skin. It was all so confusing. Here’s a breakdown of the different skin types and how to recognize what types you have….

Normal Skin: Your day to day skin is comfortable feeling. It’s not too dry and not too oily. It is smooth and an even texture. You don’t notice your pores as a problem and they stay the same size. Your cheeks are the driest part of your face but you don’t feel like you need to constantly moisturize. You might get a little shiny on your T-Zone but nothing you feel like you need to take care of throughout the day. 

Dry Skin: After washing your face your skin feels tight. Your skin is constantly looking flaky. When you run your hands over your face your skin feels rough and textured. When applying products your skin stings or feels sensitive. Your pores are not a problem, you cannot even see them. Fine lines are your enemies. 

Oily Skin: No matter if is is February or July your skin is constantly shiny. Your T-Zone is always shiny even after you wash your face. Your pores are large and visible even with makeup. You have frequent breakouts but you have very few wrinkles. 

Combination Skin: Your skin is a little bit of Oily and a little bit of Dry. Typically your skin is oily through your T-Zone and dry on your cheeks. You can find large visible pores on your forehead, nose and chin.

Sensitive Skin: Your skin can be dry, oily, normal or combination. Your skin is easily irritated and prone to redness. Cosmetics, moisturizers and cleansers can easily aggravate your skin. Your skin is very sensitive and constantly feels itchy or looks blotchy.

So over the next few blog posts I really want to focus on skin types and care for them. On the next post I’ll focus on how to analyze your skin and find out what type of skin you have. Until next time!


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  1. That would be so useful. Especially now when gets cold and windy and our skin is more sensitive then ever. I am looking forward to reading your new post 🙂

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