Top 10 Skin Care Buzz Words

Hi friends! Thanks for checking out my blog make sure you subscribe! So today I want to talk about some words that you hear constantly when it comes to skin care. These are the words that we see all over the skin care aisle that most of us don’t even know. So without hesitation here are the top 10 important skin care buzz words…

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAS): These are acids that reduce the appearance of fine lines. AHA’s help skin shed dead cells and improve the texture of the skin. You will find AHAS in a lot of acne products because they prevent breakouts and unclog pores. Glycolic acid is a very popular AHA.

Antioxidants: These little guys help protect the skin from damage. Vitamins A, C and E are great antioxidants. 

Collagen: This you will see all over “anti aging” products. Collagen is a protein that is found in the skin. As we age collagen levels decline. Collagen is commonly injected in the skin, but you can use products with peptides in them and they have similar effects.

Emollients: These guys hold moisture into the skin. Look for squalane, avocado oil, wheat germ oil, lanolin and shea butter in your list of ingredients. 

Green Tea Extract: Now this is something that is blaring down the skin care aisle. It is an antioxidant that is found in anti- aging products. It slows down the process of sun damage. 

Humectants: These guys also help skin retain moisture. They retain water from the air and are also called glycerin, algae extract, sodoium hyaluronate, urea, lactic acid and panthenol. 

Hyaluronic Acid: As you age your body slows down production of this acid. This can be injected into the skin, applied topically or taken as a supplement. It hydrates the skin. 

Peptides: These are molecules that are basically transporters. They take things like green tea or vitamin E and bring them to cells to rejuvenate them. They are basically for renewing the skin. 

Retinoids: These are the acne fighters and they act to reverse the signs of aging. You need to be careful when using retinoids. They can be very harsh on the skin and make your skin peel if your skin is sensitive. They help fight fine lines and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Serums: Everyone needs a serum no matter what age you are…we all hear that all the time. They correct the skin and can combat dullness and uneven skin tones. The best way to apply a serum is after cleansing and before applying moisturizer to make sure your serum is locked into the skin.

I hope this helps you guys as you navigate the skin care aisle. I do not purchase a product without reading the active ingredients first. It is really important to know what you are putting onto your skin because it is being absorbed into your body. Take your time learning about skin care it will make purchasing products must easier.


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The Sun and Your Skin

Welcome back my friends! I love love love the sun! Being from the east coast it is basically impossible to avoid the beach especially in the summer. There is nothing more relaxing to me is laying out in the peach and quiet and reading a book while working on a tan. As nice as that sounds to your mental health your skin is crying for help! However, just like anything in life you can enjoy it in moderation. Here are some helpful hints and information to enjoy the rays and take care of your skin.

Between the ages of 14-25 I baked myself in a tanning bed on the regular. UGH! I know! I was literally addicted to tanning beds and would tan year round. But now I am paying the price! I can see a difference in my skin from years of tanning and I am now fighting it. Now a days they have sooooo many amazing tanning products on the market so you can fake a tan.

Why is the sun bad? Answer: UV Rays and the damaging effects it has on your skin.

UVA Rays: these are the high intensity rays that last all day long. They damage new skin and go through the deepest layers of your skin. These are the rays that cause cancer and make your skin very sensitive.

UVB Rays: These guys are the middle of the road. They penetrate your skin causing wrinkles and lines. These are the rays that they tell you to look out for during am-pm.

UVC Rays: These are the lightest of rays. They are absorbed by the ozone layer and go into your outermost layer of skin. These are not too harmful in small amounts. 

Okay so that sounds a little scary but how do we protect ourselves. Obviously stay out of the sun and wear protective clothing but also….sunscreen! Here are some helpful sunscreen tips….


Apply and reapply often

Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure

Look for sunscreen with UVA and UVB Ray protection

Skin care is a very real and very scary thing. This UV ray stuff is no joke. Please protect yourself and always read your sunscreen bottle. Learn about the ingredients or what type of rays it protects against.


ashley beth