iPhone 8 Plus

Hi friends! Welcome back.

So today I want to review the iPhone 8 Plus! I preordered the phone and got it on the day it came out but I wanted to use it for a while before I wrote a review for you guys. Now…this is not a tech review. I am not going into deep detail about the phone. I’m going to keep it short and sweet and talk about everyday basic things. Here are my 3 favorite things!

  1. Camera

Oh my god! The camera is amazing. The photos are crisp, clear, HD and the camera is very fast. Portrait mode is fantastic. It’s literally like the pretty filter. This is probably my favorite upgrade about this phone.

2. Touch ID

One of the things that was annoying about the past iPhones is the touch ID. Don’t get me wrong its an amazing feature and totally beats putting in your password over and over again. However, I constantly felt like I was pressing my finger print and pressing and pressing over and over because it wasn’t 100% on point. The new touch ID on iPhone 8 is dynamite. It is fast, accurate and it doesn’t matter what part of your finger you use. I can put the side of my finger print, the tip of my finger print or the dead center and it all works.

3. Wireless Charging

Okay I’m not really sure how to explain how I feel about this. I love it and I hate it all at the same time. So I’m just gonna say it like it is. I purchased the Belkin wireless charger from the apple store. What I like about it is you don’t have to deal with that stupid little cord breaking after a few months and constantly having to replace it haha. I also like that I can just slap it on the charger and walk away. I think its great for on top of my desk for work and the cord is long. What I don’t like about it is your phone has to be naked. The phone will not charge with a case on it. I have tried several different cases on my phone and non of them will charge. If you know of a case that will work with the wireless charger let me know! Another a little annoying thing is your phone has to be placed exactly in the center of the charger. If your phone is slightly askew and not dead center your phone will not charge. I have made that mistake overnight a few times.

Let me know what you guys think! I’d love to hear all your likes and dislikes about iPhone 8!


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