The Body Shop Body Butter

Hi friends! Hope y’all are having an excellent week! Today I’m going to talk about my favorite body butter in the whole world!


I thought I’d introduce you guys to a necessity in my skin care life. The body shop makes the best body butter on earth! I am completely obsessed and have been using this product religiously for years.

It comes in 24 different scents and many limited edition ones too. My favorite flavor of all time is mango but all of them smell so delicious! I use the body butter year round but my favorite time to use it is during the winter. My favorite way to apply the body butter is post shower using my hands to rub it into my skin. I use the body butter on my legs, feet, and any other dry areas. I also like to apply the body butter before bed so I wake up with hydrated skin.

I do tend to keep it away from my hands because they may feel a bit greasy but this product is amazing for the rest of your body.

You can purchase the body butter in a few different sizes at any Body Shop store. Or you can purchase it Here!


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One thought on “The Body Shop Body Butter

  1. Body Shop is my favourite brand to use. The quality is amazing and what`s even better the smell and scent of every product they sell is just heaven.

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