Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Welcome back friends! Today I am so excited to tell you about a product that I have been using for 1 million years! This little guy will change your lip game!

Ahh! I’m so excited for this! I started using this product WAY over 10 years ago and it has changed my lips’ life! I hate to even call it this but it is a glorified chapstick.

This lip balm is soft, creamy, hydrating, buttery, luscious…it is EVERYTHING! I put this on my lips every single night before bed and wake up to soft lips ready for a liquid lipstick. This lip balm has SPF 15 in it and is great for before and after sun.

It comes in 13 amazing shades but I use the untinted satin finish. I have used a few of the pigmented ones and it is surprisingly pigmented. If your lips a dry and cracked but you still need a little color on your lips this is perfect for you!

This product isn’t something you’d want to carry in your purse on a hot day or leave in your car. Yes, it does melt very easily which is the only downfall. Mine does not leave my bedside table and it has been great.

Yes, it is quite pricey at $24 but nothing will make your lips feel like this. You can purchase it at Sephora. Click the link below!

Buy me here!


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