Beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid

Hey friends!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and welcome back to my blog! Today we are going to take a dive into some of the beautyblender cleansing products. First I am going to talk about the solid and tomorrow I will talk about the liquid. Enjoy!

First things first, the blendercleanser solid is exactly what it looks like…..a round bar of soap. It can clean everything from a beautyblender, beautyblender dupes and all of your brushes. Here is how it works….

Step One: Wet you beautyblender or makeup brush

Step Two: Swirl the beautyblender or makeup brush in the solid.

Steph Three:  Lather, rinse, repeat.


I know, I know…..$16 for a freaking bar of soap! When I tell you nothing cleans a beauty blender like the blendercleansers NOTHING compares! It is the fastest, most efficient way to clean a beauty blender. Not only does it pull out all of your foundations and concealers it does it flawlessly and within seconds. You can literally see the built up foundation come pouring out as your squeeze the beauty blender.

Another thing I love about the blendercleanser is the smell. It smells so fresh and clean! My favorite days to put makeup on is when I freshly wash my brushes. They just smell so good and are so clean!

I am a huge advocate for cleaning makeup brushes with baby shampoo; and don’t get me wrong I still use it! However when it comes to my beauty blender I will use nothing else. I feel like some soaps and brush cleansers break down the beauty blenders delicate material over a few washes. Not the blender cleanser solid!

You can purchase the blender cleanser at Sephora for $16……

Click here!


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