How To Disinfect Your Makeup Kit

Hey friends!! So today we are talking about something very very important, how to clean your makeup. Whether you do makeup for just yourself or for 100s of clients you don’t even know it is so important to keep your kit sanitized.

Have you ever woken up with small little bumps or even pimples all over your face and you’ve been like “what is this? This came out of nowhere?”. Believe it or not it could be from the bacteria in your makeup. No matter who you are, what you do with your makeup or even how clean you are bacteria will grow in your makeup, it’s just a fact of life. But lets all be proactive and take care of the bacteria with just a few different steps!

1. Invest in some of these bad boys…

These are cosmetic sanitation wipes. You can use these on anything from eye shadow to lipstick to your mascara curler. They are fairly inexpensive and if you prefer a spray instead of a wipe they have that too! Check it out…

2. Don’t forget about your tools!

Usually about once a week I clean my mascara wand. I take a lighter and run it quickly over the upper curling part (not the lower because of the rubber insert!!) Then I take a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol on it and gently clean the rest of it.

Any of your other tools such as spatulas, sharpeners, mixing trays, etc. just wipe it down with alcohol!

3. For the love of god clean your makeup brushes!

I know washing makeup brushes is a fate worse than death but it MUST be done. If you are experiencing unexplained breakouts or your makeup isn’t going on smoothly this could be why! I wash my makeup brushes faithfully every single week. If that is not a possibility for you please at least try once every 2 weeks. I usually clean my makeup brushes every Thursday (my day off from work) and I make a “fun” event out of it. I’ll bring all my makeup brushes into the bathroom set up all the towels and everything I need. I grab my iPad and throw on some Sex and the City, maybe a little Will & Grace (YAAASS to the revival!) or maybe some Bloodline. Anything that you can get completely immersed in and laugh your head off to pass the time away. Trust me…I own way over 50 brushes and I usually get it done in less than an hour.

To clean my brushes I use regular old baby shampoo and this AMAZING tool that will change your life….

It is a little glove type thing that you just slip onto your hand a brush away. It makes everything 100% easier and will make everything go by much faster. Real Techniques makes this and it can be found at Ulta…

Side note: Clean your beauty blender! I know its a pain! But that little guy will suck up and grow bacteria overnight. I personally clean my beauty blender everyday because if there is leftover product I cannot stand the way the new product applies to my face. I invested in a few beauty blenders so I rotate and I’m not forced into cleaning the same one day after day. But please clean your beauty blender or beauty blender dupe!

4. Expiration Dates

I know we all spend an arm and a leg for our mascara, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, liquid lipsticks, etc. But it is very important to pay attention to the expiration dates. If you want to use that lipstick until the very last day before it expires then you go girl! Just take the proper steps to care and clean your makeup. These little extra steps will prevent breakouts.


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