tarte- Tartelette Amazonian Clay Palette

Hello my friends! Welcome back I hope we all had a great weekend. Today I am going to spotlight the original Tartelette eyeshadow palette!

This is one of my go to palettes! It offers some great basics with a kick. Here is what the Tartelette has to offer…

Free Spirit (cream)

Force Of Nature (nude)

Dreamer (warm brown)

Multi-Tasker (chocolate)

Caregiver (pale pink)

Natural Beauty (mauve)

Best Friend (mulberry)

Bombshell (dark plum)

Super Mom (ivory)

Wanderer (light brown)

Power Player (taupe)

Fashionista (black)

The Good

-small palette, easy to travel with!

-very easy to blend out

-colors are soft and romantic, perfect for a valentines day look!

-the mirror in the palette is PERFECTION, another reason to travel with this

-purples look great on everyone without creating that “bruising” look

The Bad

-not a large variety of color

-If purple isn’t your thing this may not be right for you


I take this palette on vacation everywhere with me. It has amazing basic browns and nudes to create an everyday look. The purples and pinks in this palette gives you a little room to have fun. But lets face it when I’m on vacation do I want to spend minutes on a cut crease winged dramatic liner look no…I wanna be out and about! The mirror is amazing in the palette which is another reason it is great for travel. Even when I’m at home I find myself reaching for this palette.



Email me or comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this product!


Ashley beth

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