Bath and Body Works Candles

Hi friends!!! Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite things in the world. Candles! Yes I literally cannot live with out them. No matter what room I’m in guaranteed there’s a candle burning.

Now I love a candle with a big time scent throw. For those of you non candle connoisseurs scent throw means how strong the scent is. I want to walk into a room and clear as day be able to smell the candle and know exactly what it smells like.

Somehow Bath and Body Works aka White Barn (which is the company who makes the candles) has figured it out.

And surprise!! Right now the candles are on sale for $15!!!! This is my favorite time of year!! The candles are usually about $20-25ish?

The candles smell amazing and have so many scents. But my absolute favorite scents are the fall ones!So grab your PSL, leggings and your loose knit sweater and check out my favorite fall scents….

  1. Leaves: crisp, fall, fresh. cold…gives you fall time vibes
  2. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow: just trust me on this one
  3. Pumpkin Apple: this just smells like straight up fall. A little sweet, a little spicy, a little fresh, just yum.

I could go on for dayssssss about this candles. So just check them out for yourself!

Do you have a favorite candle brand or scent. Let me know!!!


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One thought on “Bath and Body Works Candles

  1. I love candles too. I used to be quite obsessed with buying them constantly. I am trying to reduce numbers as I could spend way too much money on them. It doesn`t change the fact I still love having them 🙂

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