Shadow Shields

Hello my friends! Today’s post is about an awesome little makeup accessory that makes your life a lot easier!


These guys are amazing! I love using these in my freelance kit, when I’m doing makeup for an event or just for an everyday smokey eye! These make your life so much easier!

These are essential adhesive little stickers that protect the under eye from fallout. So lets say I’m doing a smokey eye. I do my eye makeup first and then my foundation to protect my foundation from the fallout. No matter how hard you try you are still going to have some fallout on the under eye. Yes it is much easier to remove when you don’t already have foundation on but you still need to bust out the makeup wipe and wipe away the fall out. If you stick this guy under your eye it catches all of the fallout. It has a few different stickers underneath so you don’t need to completely stick the entire thing onto your face.


My other favorite thing about this product is it creates a great template for a wing in your outermost corner. If you flick the eye shadow with your brush outward onto the sticker you will have a perfectly precise line when you remove it.

Another great use for these is lips! You can achieve the perfect lined lip when using the shadow shields. You don’t have to be so precise with your liquid lipstick.

You can purchase these online on their website, walmart or amazon. I purchase mine from amazon because I have prime so I take advantage of that anytime I can.


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