Physicians Formula- Butter Bronzer

Hi friends! Lets talk about one of my most favorite makeup products. Bronzer!

My love affair with bronzer began in high school. In the early 2000’s bronzer became the shining star. Everyone wanted a golden brown tan and most of all a warm sunkissed face. Yes, it was the early 2000’s and being in high school I thought the more the better! But lets get real in that time everyone was brown/orange, especially their face.

Oh Lilo thank god you’ve cleaned it up over the years.

So anyway back to the product! Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer……can we have a moment of silence please….thank you.


They don’t call it butter for nothing people! Sometimes before I apply the bronzer I swatch some on my fingers and just rub my fingers together. It is so smooth and so creamy it’s to die for! This bronzer never applies patchy or rough. I apply it with my Morphe- E4 and apply this like a contour. If I’m bronzing my entire face or chest or larger parts of myself I use Mophe- E51. I put this on my brush and go to town.


I more recently discovered that they make this bronzer in different shades. Light bronzer and bronzer. For a solid year I would apply a few layers of light bronzer….woops! From what I hear this bronzer looks AMAZING on lighter skin. I have light-medium skin (on my face) and I use the bronzer color. I know the biggest fear of wearing a bronzer is looking dirty. This bronzer is very build able so go in with a light hand to start off with.

But lets talk about the most amazing thing about this product. THE SMELL! This bronzer smells like a tropical paradise! And the best part of all is the scent lasts. So even if you have 2 drops left and your scraping the sides with your brush it still smells amazing. When you apply it to your face you can absolutely smell it, but throughout the day you cannot smell it.

You can purchase Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer at Target, most drugstores or Ulta…


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