Bumble and Bumble- Pret-a-Powder

Hi friends! Lets talk about a lifesaver every girl needs…..dry shampoo! I have tried many dry shampoos but I think I have finally found the one!

This little guy is my favorite! Now, the good lord has blessed me with thick textured hair so why do I need this product? Newsflash! At some point everyone’s hair gets oily  and they just want to refresh their hair to wear for a second or third day.

Pret a powder literally powder (duh) that is made up of dry shampoo, style extender and a volumizer. Lets say if I get a blow out or even just put loose waves into my hair on Monday. By Tuesday my hair has fallen flat. I part my hair and gently shake the bottle all along my part into the roots. I go through each section of my hair that has fallen flat or turned a little oily. When I have finished putting the product into my hair I lightly tousle my hair. I flip my hair upside down and shake it out. I comb my fingers through the roots and shake.

Voila! The oil disappears, I have brought back the original volume if not more and the scent of the product freshens up my hair and it smells delicious again!

My favorite part about the product is how well it blends into your hair. A lot of aerosol dry shampoos, once you spray them into your hair it leaves a gray film all along your hair. You try and try to shake it out and it just stays and almost acts like a hairspray and just leaves a film that won’t quit. Pret- a powder doesn’t not do that.

Granted, I have blonde hair….BUT I have a shadow root and I have naturally medium/dark brown hair. I have used this product in my blonde and brown hair and it is literally colorless.

Now, lets talk about hair day 3. If I’m feeling extra ratchet I will extend my style to day 3. By day 3 my hair is much more oily so I’ll usually throw it up in a pony tail or a bun. But have no fear! I use my pret- a – powder once again. I throw some in my roots along the front above my forehead and I’m golden.

You can purchase the product here…


I’d love love love for you guys to try this or hear your opinion on this.  Also I can do a tutorial video if you’d like to see how I use this product. Let me know what you think!


ashley beth

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