Favorite Product Friday- Heartspring Lip Balm

For my favorite product today I will be talking about HEARTSPRING lip balm!!!!


This is a true hidden gem and can be found on the HEARTSPRINGCO Etsy page or Polkadots & Moonbeams in Los Angeles.

Why is this one of my favorite products? Because it is handmade with love by Etsy shop owner Kristina Kelly. This lip balm is hand poured and is made from all natural ingredients. There is literally no chemicals and there’s not even one ingredient you cannot pronounce! I dare you to walk into a Target or even ulta and find a similar product without any harsh chemicals or toxins.

My favorite part about this product is the immediate difference you feel. Try a similar product such as Burts Bee’s, which has been a fave of mine for years. The second Heartspring lip balm touches your lips you can feel a difference. It is soft, smooth, healing and fresh. After using this product for about 1 week your lips will change before your eyes. Your liquid lip will go on smoother and last long. Your lips won’t become chapped or dry.

My second favorite thing about this product is the price. Each tube is only $6. I know, I know- $6 seems a little pricey for 1 tube of lip balm. But you have to remember the ingredients. Kristina hand pours beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, vitamin e oil, and other essential oils depending on the scent. If you go to any Sephora or body shop or any other place where they carry lip products with all natural ingredients. I guarantee you will be paying at least $10 if not double or more for a product that works this great.

Heartspring lip balm comes in 4 fresh flavors…

Coconut+Rose, Lavendar+Honey, Rosemary+Vanilla, Lemon+Sage

Heartspring lip balm can be found here….



Try it out! I’d love to hear what you think about Heartspring lip balm!


ashley beth


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