Bumble and Bumble- Pret-a-Powder

Hi friends! Lets talk about a lifesaver every girl needs…..dry shampoo! I have tried many dry shampoos but I think I have finally found the one!

This little guy is my favorite! Now, the good lord has blessed me with thick textured hair so why do I need this product? Newsflash! At some point everyone’s hair gets oily  and they just want to refresh their hair to wear for a second or third day.

Pret a powder literally powder (duh) that is made up of dry shampoo, style extender and a volumizer. Lets say if I get a blow out or even just put loose waves into my hair on Monday. By Tuesday my hair has fallen flat. I part my hair and gently shake the bottle all along my part into the roots. I go through each section of my hair that has fallen flat or turned a little oily. When I have finished putting the product into my hair I lightly tousle my hair. I flip my hair upside down and shake it out. I comb my fingers through the roots and shake.

Voila! The oil disappears, I have brought back the original volume if not more and the scent of the product freshens up my hair and it smells delicious again!

My favorite part about the product is how well it blends into your hair. A lot of aerosol dry shampoos, once you spray them into your hair it leaves a gray film all along your hair. You try and try to shake it out and it just stays and almost acts like a hairspray and just leaves a film that won’t quit. Pret- a powder doesn’t not do that.

Granted, I have blonde hair….BUT I have a shadow root and I have naturally medium/dark brown hair. I have used this product in my blonde and brown hair and it is literally colorless.

Now, lets talk about hair day 3. If I’m feeling extra ratchet I will extend my style to day 3. By day 3 my hair is much more oily so I’ll usually throw it up in a pony tail or a bun. But have no fear! I use my pret- a – powder once again. I throw some in my roots along the front above my forehead and I’m golden.

You can purchase the product here…


I’d love love love for you guys to try this or hear your opinion on this.  Also I can do a tutorial video if you’d like to see how I use this product. Let me know what you think!


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Urban Decay- Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

Hi friends! I’m so excited to talk about today’s post! Glitter! Everyone loves glitter!….well most of the time. FullSizeRender_5

These little guys are so much fun and have so many different uses! I love busting these out around the holidays. It can take such a simple look to the next level.

They come in 7 different shades and can be applied basically anywhere on the face. I’ve done a winged liner, tightline, undereye liner basically anything with this product.


My favorite look to use this glitter liner with is a simple neutral eye, big lashes, a red lip and in the corner of the eye line your under last line. It adds a little sparkle and highlight to the eye.

You can find this product here…



I’d love to see what you guys think.  Also I can’t wait to try out the colors that they have to offer!


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All About Exfoliation

Let’s talk about exfoliation! I’m not going to lie out of all of my weekly beauty routines exfoliation might be my least favorite. But no doubt…it makes a huge difference in my skin.

For those of you unfamiliar with the process exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells on your outermost layer. With day to day life the body collects dead skin on the top layer of your body. Naturally your body sheds some of the dead cells but a lot of them stay on your body and collect over time. Ew gross I know! Whether you use a scrub, a brush, a towel or loofah there are many different ways to exfoliate.

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist. I am giving my opinion and recommendations based off of my research and experience. What works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you. If you have sensitive skin please use caution and extra care when exfoliating!

Loofah: Everyday in the shower I use a loofah. I take a shower gel lather it into my loofah and I scrub myself from head to toe. That pretty much takes care of my day to day exfoliation.

Brush: Purchase a dry brush from your favorite beauty/skin care store. I purchased mine from the body shop. Before your shower about twice a week gently brush your skin. Use caution around sensitive areas but I get the best results on my legs and arms using this technique.

Towel: Take a dry face cloth and just like dry brushing rub your skin down. For a little extra take your favorite scrub or organic sugar, apply to the face cloth and brush against skin.

Hands: This is the fastest easiest way that I use the most. I use all sorts of scrubs based off of scent or what I’m looking for in a scrub; I change it up a lot. But my favorite scrub I use the most is Lush Ocean Salt. I scoop a handful in my hand and section by section I gently scrub my skin. I find this way the most effective way for me and I tend to get the best results.


Okay now that we’ve successfully exfoliated ourselves now what? So you’re out of the shower and your towel dried. What I do next which I think is the most important part is to MOISTURIZE! Post exfoliation I usually head straight for the body butter. You need to protect your skin and bring back some life to it! My favorite body butter of all time is the Body Shop. It is my holy grail my tried and true, my ride or die body butter! I have used it for 15 years and I swear by it. The body butter comes in countless flavors but my all time favorite is Mango.

Now….lets talk about what not to do when exfoliating. I do not recommend exfoliating everyday/multiple times a day. I use a Loofah everyday so technically I am exfoliating everyday BUT I do not dry brush or use a scrub every single day. In the winter my skin is much much dryer to the point where I can even see it on my skin. In the winter I do exfoliate multiple times a week but I am constantly moisturizing and I am much gentler when I exfoliate. After you exfoliate and lotion your skin if your skin burns from the contact of the lotion you are either scrubbing way to hard or using a scrub that is not reacting well with your skin. Change it up! Maybe switch from a dry brush to a towel. Or maybe instead of a sea salt scrub use a regular sugar scrub. Listen to your skin! With any type of skin care if your skin is breaking out, getting blotchy or red, or dry your skin is trying to tell you something!

Well friends I hope you enjoyed and learned something new! I am constantly looking for new scrubs to try out so I’d love to hear your favorites!


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Favorite Product Friday- Best Damn Beauty Lip Mask

Hi friends!! Today we are talking about my most favorite everyday lip mask!

Nicole Guerriero is one of my favorite beauty bloggers of all time! A few years back she launched her own company called best damn beauty. The collection includes various skin care products. My favorite of them all is the best damn lip mask.

Every morning when I apply my moisturizer a slap this baby on my lips. It is very smooth and smells like roses! It has a little bit of a tacky consistency but once you put it on your lips that goes away. By the time you are ready to apply your liquid lip or lipstick the product applies like butter!! So smooth and it makes a liquid lip perfectly comfortable throughout the day.

I also use this product before I go to bed as well. I can absolutely feel a difference when I wake up.

You can purchase the Best Damn Beauty Lip Mask at …..



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Tip of the Week- Eucalyptus Shower

Welcome back everyone! I just wanted to share a quick tip with you guys.

One of my most favorite things to do to relax is to take a bath. I love to throw on a face mask, draw a bubble bath, light a candle and relax with a good book. One way to bring your shower or bath to the next level…hang some fresh eucalyptus in your shower!

I get a big bunch from Trader Joes for about $4.99. I take the bunch of leaves and I tie them together using some twine and then just tie the bunch to my shower head, as shown above.

As the shower heats up steam will release the natural scent of eucalyptus for a relaxing pleasant smelling bath!

Love to hear your spa/bath tips, comment below!


ashley beth


Favorite Product Friday- Heartspring Lip Balm

For my favorite product today I will be talking about HEARTSPRING lip balm!!!!


This is a true hidden gem and can be found on the HEARTSPRINGCO Etsy page or Polkadots & Moonbeams in Los Angeles.

Why is this one of my favorite products? Because it is handmade with love by Etsy shop owner Kristina Kelly. This lip balm is hand poured and is made from all natural ingredients. There is literally no chemicals and there’s not even one ingredient you cannot pronounce! I dare you to walk into a Target or even ulta and find a similar product without any harsh chemicals or toxins.

My favorite part about this product is the immediate difference you feel. Try a similar product such as Burts Bee’s, which has been a fave of mine for years. The second Heartspring lip balm touches your lips you can feel a difference. It is soft, smooth, healing and fresh. After using this product for about 1 week your lips will change before your eyes. Your liquid lip will go on smoother and last long. Your lips won’t become chapped or dry.

My second favorite thing about this product is the price. Each tube is only $6. I know, I know- $6 seems a little pricey for 1 tube of lip balm. But you have to remember the ingredients. Kristina hand pours beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, vitamin e oil, and other essential oils depending on the scent. If you go to any Sephora or body shop or any other place where they carry lip products with all natural ingredients. I guarantee you will be paying at least $10 if not double or more for a product that works this great.

Heartspring lip balm comes in 4 fresh flavors…

Coconut+Rose, Lavendar+Honey, Rosemary+Vanilla, Lemon+Sage

Heartspring lip balm can be found here….



Try it out! I’d love to hear what you think about Heartspring lip balm!


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