Favorite Product Friday- Rosebud Salve

Happy (early) Friday everyone! I’m a few hours early but I couldn’t wait to post this…

My favorite product for y’all today is Smith’s Rosebud Salve! This is a holy grail product. A must have if you wear a full on face of makeup or just some mascara. This product is for men, women and children.

Rosebud Salve will save everything from chapped rough lips to dry hands to bothersome cuticles. My favorite thing about this product is how versatile it is. You can literally use it for anything.

You can use this on minor burns, dry knees or feet and it can be even used for diaper rash. My only tip for this product is to make sure you wash your hands before use. Since you will be putting your fingers directly into the product tin, it is very easy to spread bacteria.

This product comes in multiple flavors and forms and can be found at ulta or sephora.



Let me know if you’ve used this product before and what you use it for.


ashley beth

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