Palette Spot Light- Morphe 35O

YES! I love love love this palette!

This is the Morphe 35O palette, a beauty cult favorite! This must have palette features 35 neutral shades. Morphe is killing the eye shadow game! At just $22.99, which by the way is about $.65 cents per shade! Uhmmm what. For the quality of eye shadow this is almost unheard of. I love this palette because it has both warm and cool toned browns. Even though it is all neutral shades the looks you can create with this little guy are endless.

The pigmentation of the shadows are fantastic and have pretty minimal fallout. When creating eye shadow one of the hardest things is to minimize the fallout. But somehow Morphe has figured out how to do it at such a low price point.

The Morphe 35O palette can be found at and for $22.50. I highly recommend purchasing your palette directly from Morphe. I have seen many many people order Morphe products from other websites and have been very very disappointed.


As always, comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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