Favorite Product Friday- Kiehl’s Eye Alert

This is my most favorite day! There’s nothing I like talking about more than products I love. I hope I can inspire you all to try something new!

Today’s Favorite Product is…Kiehl’s Eye Alert!


Eye alert is the perfect hangover product! I love using this product if hungover, tired, didn’t sleep well the night before or even just plain exhausted. This little guy is a must have in your kit. It combats under eye puffiness and dark circles.

It contains caffeine and cooling extracts to wake up those eyes! I usually take a pea sized amount and rub it between two finger tips and apply to the under eye. Let it set a few minutes and bam! you’ll see an instant difference.

This product is technically “for men” but I love it and have used it for years! This is a perfect tool for a no makeup, makeup look or a no makeup at all kind of day.

You can find it at any Kiehl’s store or at your local Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, etc. It sells for $22.50 but a very little goes a long way and this tube will last you a long time!


Let me know what you think and what other products you like similar to Kiehl’s eye alert.


ashley beth



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