Top 5 Favorite Nail Polishes!

Yayy! I’m so excited to talk about something different from makeup. So today I’m gonna talk about my favorite nail polishes. I have no included gel on purpose, that will be for another day. I have rated the nail polishes based of of long wearing, colors, consistency, overall just amazing nail polishes.

1. OPI


This is my all time favorite nail polish brand……I know I know, you’re probably not surprised. This nail polish is so long lasting, so pigmented and soooo smooth to apply. It can be found in just about any nail salon across american and it will be my forever favorite. The color above is my favorite color polish of all time- big apple red. It is just so classic and red nail polish never goes out of style. OPI is an amazing brand and always has the best trendy colors for every season.

OPI can be found at Ulta or Target for about $10.50


2. Essie


Obviously, another fan fave! My favorite thing about this nail polish brand is the colors. They have the funnest colors out of any brand! They have the best pinks and the best blues and the best purples! If you are in the mood for a fun bright different nail polish, Essie is the brand for you. I love so many of their colors that I literally struggled for a picture for you guys. I was planning on posting a picture of my favorite color from each brand I love then I got to Essie…impossible. For me personally, the wear time isn’t that great. It lasts on me about 2/3 days before it starts to chip. But don’t let that deter you- I have plenty of friends who say this nail polish lasts a long time. Either way, still one of my favorite brands.

Essie can be found at Target or Ulta for about $9


3. Cina Glaze

Image result for china glaze pool party


China Glaze is my OG fave. I use to wear these bright vibrant colors all the time. This is similar to OPI in the wear time. This is a great long wearing nail polish with fun bright colors. The only bad thing I can say about this nail polish is the pigmentation. It definitely takes a few coats for this to cover. But again a great nail polish.

China Glaze can be found at Ulta or Sally Beauty Supply


4. Sally Hansen: Insta-Dri

Everyone needs to have at least 1 bottle of this in their collection. Do yourself a favor and go to the store and buy a color that goes with everything or that you could wear over and over again. Buy yourself a nude, light pink or even an everyday red. This is the perfect nail polish for a girl on the run! If you are anything like me…you will not leave the house without your toes painted. Every girl knows the feeling when you have limited time to get ready and your rushing around. You’re about to run out the door in 10 minutes when you look down and your toes aren’t painted…ughh!! Do not fear! This is where this guy comes in handy. When I say this nail polish completely dries in less than 30 seconds, I’m not even joking. So when you have 10 minutes before you have to leave slap this on your nails and you’re good to go. No, this isn’t the best quality nail polish and no it’s not going to last weeks on end. But I added it to faves list cuz it’s literally a life saver.

You can find Sally Hansen: Insta-Dri at Target for about $4



Love this nail polish solely for the purpose of the neons that they have. This color right here is literally what I wore everyday in college. The color is called beach cruiser and it is the perfect neon pink. The picture literally does no justice. The oranges, limes and yellows are fantastic. The only downfall is it deff takes a few coats. It isn’t very pigmented but the good news is it deff lasts a while.

You can find ORLY nail polish at Ulta for about $8.99


Please please please tell me your favorite nail polish brands and colors. I’m always looking for new colors and brands to try out!

until next time!


ashley beth



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