Favorite Product Friday- Beauty Blender


Beautyblender- the original


What is it?

A glorified cosmetic sponge


How much?



Where to purchase?


Why you need it?

Anyone who puts makeup on needs this product. I don’t care if you wear makeup 365 days a year or 1 day a year, you need this in your kit. This little guy has so many different uses. You can use it for applying foundation, concealer, contour, moisturizers even powders! Compared to other beauty sponges, this sponge does not suck up all your product. I bought this sponge about 5 years ago and when I tell you I have not used anything else to apply my foundation. Read the directions!!! Make sure you properly prep this sponge. If you wet the sponge properly and give it optimal drying time this will not suck up your foundation and it will leave you with a flawless finish.

Ashley Beth Tip*** Apply your foundation with a brush, like the Morphe m439 and pounce the beauty blender on after for a flawless, seamless, smooth look.


Email me or comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this product!


Ashley beth

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